We create our Georgia Grown products with the freshest of in-season fruits from our friends at farms in and around the Atlanta area. Not sure which flavors are available each season? Here’s a guide to help you know when to expect the return of your favorite flavor or when you can try a new one.

Our Flavor Collection:

Flavor 01: Original

The first flavor out of our entire lemon-aid collection, our Original Brown Sugar Lemon-Aid is where it all started. The flavor that gave us the title of being “The Original Brown Sugar Lemon-Aid Company,” the timeless taste in this bottle proves that sometimes, all you need is to go back to where you started.

Spring/Summer Flavor Collection:

Refreshing, fulfilling, aromatic, mesmerizing. That’s what you’ll use to describe every drink in the Peach State Drinks spring/summer flavor line-up. Comprised of our second, third and sixth flavor creations, there’s no way you’ll want summer end after tasting these.

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Flavor 02: Peach (Georiga Grown)

Desirable and decadent, our seasonal Peach Brown Sugar Lemon-Aid is a palatable depiction of Southern summers.

Flavor 03: Strawberry (Georiga Grown)

Equipped with a sweet and sensational aroma, fresh taste and mesmerizing color, our seasonal Strawberry Brown Sugar Lemon-Aid will make you wish it was summer all year long.

Flavor 06: Mango

A fresh take on a tropic favorite, our Mango Brown Sugar Lemon-Aid is the perfect combination of savory and fulfilling. Created to take your tastebuds to destination: satisfied, this fruitful flavor will leave a lasting impression with just one sip.

Fall/Winter Flavor Collection:

A collaboration of sweet, crisp and thirst quenching flavors, our fall/winter flavor line-up is the palatable depiction of each season in a bottle. Featuring our fourth and fifth flavor creations, you’ll miss these flavors as soon as they’re gone.

Flavor 04: Apple Cranberry (Georgia Grown)

Delightfully invigorating and undeniably delicious, our Apple Cranberry Brown Sugar Lemon-Aid is one thing you’ll be thankful for this season. Made with crisp Georgia apples and fresh crimson cranberries, nothing will feel better than your first drink of this seasonal sip.

Flavor 05: Spiced Apple (Georgia Grown)

Pop the top on something sweet with this season’s Spiced Apple Brown Sugar Lemon-Aid. Filled with notes of fresh cinnamon and tasty Georgia apples, each sip will take you back to the first bite of your grandmother’s warm apple pie.

Limited Edition Flavor:

Although each of our flavors fall into specific seasons, there are a few sips that will only be available for a limited time within those seasons. Catch them when you can!

Flavor 07: Muscadine (Georgia Grown)

Uniquely amazing and sweetly created, our limited edition Muscadine Brown Sugar Lemon-Aid is an ode to the southern delicacy.