We may be fresh to the industry, but our love for lemonade goes way back.

Birthed from a sweet hobby, Peach State Drinks quickly upgraded from just a simple dream to a full business in a four month time span. Since our inception, our main goal has been to create a nostalgic environment for anyone who takes a sip of our flavors. But more importantly, we strive to do it with the homegrown hospitality that only the South can provide.

Our Main Juicers

Though our team is comprised of many different personalities, one thing we all have in common is our obsession with lemon-aid. From the sweet seasonal taste of our Peach Brown Sugar Lemon-Aid to the Apple Cranberry fall favorite, each one of us has something special to say about our favorite flavor. And, you’ll learn a little about who we are and what we do, too.

Our Products

Every one of our products are made fresh and hand pressed. Our ingredients are simple and our flavors — with the exception of our Original Brown Sugar Lemon-Aid — are only available during a specific season to ensure that you get the best of Georgia’s seasonal fruit. We pack our drinks with a lot of flavor and even more hope that you’ll create new memories with every sip. Whether you want to sip them slow to enjoy the moment or guzzle them down to quench your thirst, we know you’ll come back for more.