Our Juice

Peach State Drinks was derived from a sweet and juicy idea between its co-founders during the spring of 2019. Equipped with a love for lemonade and the desire to create something unforgettable, the two decided to turn what was initially a tasteful hobby into a passion-fueled purpose. And within four months, Peach State Drinks was born.

What We Believe

Here at Peach State Drinks, we are firm believers that simple is better. When we think back to some of our greatest childhood memories, there’s one consistent factor surrounding it: simplicity. 

From a day of running around our grandparent’s front yard to a relaxing Saturday evening with friends as young adults, we hold on tightly to those memories and find ourselves trying to replicate them or wishing that we could feel them again. It’s for this simple reason that we keep our drinks as easygoing as possible. With every twist of a cap, we want to take you on a ride down memory lane to when times were…well, much simpler.

Why It's So Good

Made from fresh fruit and natural ingredients, our line of Brown Sugar Lemon-Aid has a flavor for everyone to enjoy. And while we understand that you may wish your favorite sip was available year-round, our flavors — with the exception of the Original and Original Light — run on a seasonal release schedule. By doing this, we are able to deliver delicious, freshly made lemon-aid and, in the process, support Georgia’s agricultural scene.

Our unique line of small-batch lemon-aids are only made with the ingredients that we say are listed in them. No tricks, no hidden agenda. And everything we say about our drinks is just as real (and fresh!) as the ingredients we use to make them. 


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Peach State Drinks

Company History


Dreamed up in March 2019, Peach State Drinks was officially launched on July 15, 2019. Featuring our first three flavors — Original, Strawberry, and Peach Brown Sugar Lemon-Aid — our small, but mighty company sold nearly 100 8-ounce bottles within our first 12 hours of business.


Thanks to the success found within our first six months of business, we upgraded from 8-ounce bottles to offer our customers 16-ounce options instead. Unfortunately, just three weeks before we were set to launch the new offerings, the COVID-19 pandemic hit. As a result, we were put to the test.


Navigating the new norm of the COVID-19 pandemic, our team readjusted and restructured how we interacted with our customers. We also debuted a new flavor and were featured in a number of outlets including the AJCDelishForbes, and more.


We doubled our visibility, hired our first set of market workers, debuted our Original Light flavor, grew our recycle/loyalty program, and met so many new smiling faces. And, flavors like our Muscadine Brown Sugar Lemon-Aid still reign supreme amongst customers.