Strawberry Lemon-Aid Moscow Mule

Serving: Makes About Four Cocktails​


16 oz (or more depending on your tolerance) Vodka of your choice
12 oz Ginger beer
8 oz Strawberry Brown Sugar Lemon-Aid (add up to 4 extra oz if you want a sweeter taste)
2 fresh strawberries
A sprig or two of fresh mint leaves
Half lemon (optional)


1. Muddle your strawberries and mint together and add to your ice filled glass.
2. Combine Ginger beer, vodka and Strawberry Brown Sugar Lemon-Aid in cocktail shaker; after shaking, pour over ice.
3. Garnish with lemon slices, strawberry pieces and/or more fresh mint. 
Tip: If you’d like to make your drink a bit sweeter, but don’t want to use more lemon-aid, add a splash of agave.